Administrative co-operation and the new European Labour Authority

di Micaela Lottini

In June 2019, with the adoption of Regulation (EU) n. 2019/1149 a European Labour Authority is formally established as a Union body with the scope of assisting Member States and the Commission in their application and enforcement of EU law related to labour mobility and the co-ordination of social security systems, in particular by fostering administrative co-operation and the exchange of the relevant information. Once again administrative co-operation is at the very core of the new European governance of the challenges and problems of the internal market integration.  This article gives an outline of the new Authority indicating its role, functions and structure and putting it into the context of the previous initiatives launched by the European institutions and in particular by the Commission, over the past years, to foster compliance with EU law and which all revolve around the principle of administrative co-operation; finally, some conclusions are drawn.